20 July 2020

The Next Level Moon Landing Conspiracy They Can't Afford to Have You Know

Today is the 51st anniversary of the first moon walk. Or so they want you to believe.

I'd like to point out something. Most of Bezos and Musk's wealth came after they founded their space companies. 

The year before Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin, in 1999, he was worth $6.8 billion. Now he is worth $176 billion, 25X as much or $169 billion more. 

The year Elon Musk founded SpaceX, in 2002, he was worth $180 million. Now he is worth $69.2 billion, $69 billion more than he was then, or 384X as much.

Why mention this? 

Folks in the know will tell you that the moon landing was faked. Once Bezos and Musk announced that they would duplicate NASA's conquest of space, folks in the deep state who had orchestrated the fake moon landing panicked ... and clearly paid off Bezos and Musk to stay silent about this, lest the whole enterprise - and their manipulation of the American public - be exposed. 

A few things to take from this.

If you believe the moon landing actually happened, perhaps in commemoration you could take things more lightly today, with less gravity as befits the lower levels of gravity on the moon.

If you are sophisticated enough to see through this charade orchestrated by folks trying to undermine the credibility of the flat earth society, perhaps you could take away this lesson instead: if you're going to fake it, fake it big. And while you are at it, see if you can't get the government to pay you billions in hush money.

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