17 August 2006

The Media of Terror

Never has a generation been less likely to die a violent death and never has the media put so much time, attention, and energy into frightening the population into believing it will die such a death. Sadly, just as advertisers have learned that sex sells products, the media has learned that terror raises ratings and sells newspapers. Fear is primal and, like sex, works at a level below rational thought. And that is probably the worst thing about the new media of terror: it short circuits rational thought, eroding public discourse and good policy. Just as a person whose psychological condition disconnects him or her from reality has trouble coping, much less thriving, so does a society whose media disconnects it from reality.

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Rain King said...

In addition terror can raise a politicians ratings 5 to 7 pints as just happened with our Prez on the heels of the UK plot. Throw into the mix the symbiotic necessity these two entities share (politics and media) and PRESTO!. You've got a democracy(?)