18 August 2006

Why American Idol gets more votes than off-presidential elections

Apparently, three things make the difference. One, people of any age can vote for American Idol. Two, people can vote multiple times and it is the number of votes, not voters, that brings American Idol's numbers up there with American politics. Three, people actually like singers and are not so hesitant to encourage them.

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Rain King said...

On a more serious note, I think a couple of reasons make sense. First, the chances of someone having a political conversation in the office the next morning is close to zero, but AI will certainly come up and people want to be a part of the discussion(baaaaa). Second, people can't connect their vote and their circumstances (cynics that they are). BTW on your 2nd point (multiple voting) the contrary is not only getting one vote (as in political theory) but having your vote thrown out (see Ohio, Florida, etc.)