12 October 2006

Media Misses Biggest Influence on Audience

Our media is focused far more on political changes than businesses changes. Yet it is changes in the realm of business that are going to most change the life of the average person living in a G-7 country (the US, Canada, Japan, France, UK, Germany, and Italy).

Political policy is a huge determinant to quality of life and ought not to be overlooked, but that is hardly a possibility. Yet for the quality of life of the average person living in a G-7 country, business policy is at least as big. Assuming that you live in a democratic country with accoutrements like sewage and running water, your sense of dread or enthusiasm is likely to be a function of whether your company knows how to properly channel your potential into meaningful and engaging work.

More emphasis needs to be paid to business policy and differences in the reality that companies create for their employees, in much the same way that the media now looks at how national policies change the lives of average citizens.

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