16 October 2006

Presidential Prediction Through 2020

John McCain will win the presidency in 2008. You may have read that elsewhere. Let me be the first to say that his presidency will be like Carter's. Even his political opponents will express respect for his principles and honesty and even his supporters will acknowledge their disappointment in his efficacy. And, like Carter's, his will be a single-term presidency. Not only will McCain simply have too much mess to clean up from Bush to ever look good, but he will simply wear out. He will not only be the oldest president ever elected to a first term but, as a former prisoner of war, the combined toll of age, wounds, and the stress of the job will lead him to campaign rather half-heartedly, if at all, for the 2012 campaign.

There is a lot that can and will be said about the intervening years, but I'm in the mood to make an uncharacteristically long-term political forecast: Elliot Spitzer will win the 2012 election and will handily win re-election. Spitzer - President in 2020.

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Suzanne said...

Your McCain prediction may turn out to be spot on....I'm wondering how you're feeling about that Spitzer prediction now???

BTW, I wandered over here to find out your thoughts on Florida and Michigan's decision not to do a re-do???