17 October 2006

The Price of University Age Apathy

A tank of gas: $45
Your student loan: $215 a month
Your mortgage: $2,500 a month
Political apathy: priceless

No generation of Americans will enter the work force with more debt (the vast majority of which will be in the form of student loans) or faced with such outrageously out of reach home prices. And no generation of students will have plowed through school more apathetic about politics and influencing the policy that could impact their reality. Only 28% of unversity-age adults vote.

Is it any wonder that Cheney could hastily fly back from the Middle East last year to break a tie in the Senate, allowing that august body to finally cut spending on one thing: the subsidies to the student loan program? He knew that there could be no political fallout from this generation.

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