12 December 2006

Changing the National Conversation

My buddy Bill often talks about the need for a new conversation in this country, one that transcends the irrelevant banter that substitutes for political discourse in the popular media. It seems to me that the hope for such a conversation lies in this: we begin asking questions that matter instead of offering answers that don't.


Anonymous said...

How could global corporations be leveraged to raise the standard of living for large populations of humanity living in third world regions of the globe?

Ron said...

Great question.

One of the great shifts of the 20th century business was the alignment of employee and employer interest, whether in the form of Ford' profit sharing or Walton's stock options. Perhaps one of the great shifts of the 21st century will be the alignment of corporate and community interest, whether in the form of shared ownership, investment taxes (build a factory here and you have to invest 10% in local schools or some such).

That's the long, speculative answer. The short, definite answer is, I wonder too.