15 December 2006

Report on Senator Tim Johnson's Condition

CHULA VISTA (RD) — Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson is recovering from emergency brain surgery.

The family is optimistic about the positive signs of his physical recovery. There are lingering concerns though, that if this has diminished his cognitive functioning Johnson may begin voting with Senate Republicans.


Life Hiker said...

Ron, after driving into Toronto during the rush hour this afternoon, I needed a scotch, a shiraz, and a good laugh. Thanks for the good laugh! And here's a toast to Tim Johnson's quick recovery.

Ron said...

Glad to be of service!
And you're right about toasting to his recovery. That poor family of his - not just having to cope with the stress and uncertainty of his condition but then having the world perch like buzzards outside their door to pounce on news of his recovery with relief or ecstasy, depending on political persuasion.