25 February 2007

Chapter 29 - in which democrats jump into a time machine and the president is revealed to be a dada artist

Joe Biden and Carl Levin have proposed a bill to rescind Bush’s 2002 right to invade Iraq. One can only hope that they next plan to rescind the 2001 NASDAQ market crash.

This may be what separates politicians from mere mortals. We have to decide what we're going to do before hand. They can wait until later, deciding in 2007 to apologize for slavery, attending Holocaust museums while ignoring on-going genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan, and deciding in 2007 that they ought not to have invaded Iraq.

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney (who is, rather explicably, never called “Richard") is making noise about military action against Iran. One might think that locking Dick into an undisclosed location would be a higher priority than passing a bill that depends upon the invention of a time machine in order to be relevant.

The point of challenging the Bush administration on the Iraq invasion should be to provoke the articulation of a new worldview in DC – one that actually seems connected to the realities of the Middle East. It might be worth noting that everything that Bush predicted has proven wrong - and not just slightly wrong. It is as if he was asked to name a tune and blurted out the name of a china pattern.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream; I have a fantasy. It is that one day we all learn that the Bush administration has actually been a staged production put on by a collaboration between a media eager for ratings and dada artists who needed money. We'll learn that this entire episode made absolutely no sense for the simple reason that it was intended not to make any sense. At this point, it is the only thing that makes any sense.


Life Hiker said...

Dada-esque. Good description. Or, "Bush in Wonderland".

But the neocon party line continues to be "if we leave Iraq, the terrorists will come here". Rush Limbaugh and others spout that nonsensical line, saying that any future attack on the U.S. will be the fault of those who advocated leaving Iraq.

Cheney basically said the same thing this week in his comments about Nancy Pelosi. He's an idiot and should have been impeached already.

The fact is that the terrorists would have already attacked on our soil if they had to capability to do so, and they have plenty of people to do it besides those who are in Iraq. Apparently our internal intelligence and law enforcement has been pretty good so far. Attaway, boys and girls!

Whay Bush and Cheney have to answer for is opening up Pandora's Box in Iraq - letting loose the genie of a religious war that has the potential to screw up the entire middle east. But we haven't heard even a lame "Sorry about that" from them.

Cochran said, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." Life Hiker says "No WMD's, leave, please."

Tisha! said...

when will we be able to wake up from this nightmare!?

Ron Davison said...

LH - I like the tag. It's catchy.

Tisha - if we vote correctly, we should be shaking off this bad dream in about 693 days.