12 February 2007

Women Will Soon Take Over - And That's Cool

In May, the French may wake up with their first woman president. The Germans already have a woman chancellor and the British and Canadians have already had female prime ministers. The question is not whether we'll eventually have a woman president here in the U.S. The question is when.

In the U.S., women are already getting more than half of the college degrees. (It's worth remembering that Yale, the university that educated young Kerry and Bush, did not allow women until 1969.) For the first time in history we have a female speaker of the House.

I have four nieces and one daughter; I also have three nephews and one son. Based on observing them, my own prediction about the moment when a woman does win the presidency? Some guy returning from the cafeteria will stop by his friends’ dorm room to announce, "Dudes. We have a woman president!" Without looking up from their video game, the "dudes," will merely say, "Cool!"

We men may eventually be relegated to the rule and conquest of virtual worlds, finding ourselves fully plugged into a virtual world, a self-imposed Matrix-like existence, with one chief difference. When someone stops by to say, "But this is just a video game. Your life isn't real!" our only response will be "Cool."


Life Hiker said...

I live in an upscale neighborhood and attend a small liberal Presbyterian church. Our talented female pastor just retired and our new pastor is a man - no better or worse, just a man instead of a woman. The sex of the new person was not a consideration.

Women represent more than 50% of our church board. I have found them to be as talented and outspoken as the men, and one of the women is the most effective person (of either sex) I've ever met. I'd swap her out for George Bush in a microsecond, but then I'd not know what to do with him!

Bring on the ladies! They are not only cool, they are good. What I don't get is why the Southern Baptists prefer to have them preside over the kitchen.

Vladimir Dzhuvinov said...

To me it doesn't matter whether the president is a man or woman as long as they do their job.

Interestingly, Scott Adams predicted this trend 10 years ago in his book The Dilbert Future: "In the future, women will run the world in all democratic countries".