09 February 2007

Now is the Time to Confess

Now that Anna Nicole's demise is dominating the news, it is time for presidential candidates to announce any past indiscretions.

If Obama engaged in a serial killing spree during college, for instance, now is the time for him to confess.

If Biden has been funneling billions from the Senate sub-committee on appropriations to buy lottery tickets, now is the time for him to come clean.

If Mitt Romney spent a wild night of passion with the entire Romanian figure skating team during the 2002 Olympics, now is the time for his campaign manager to casually mention it.

Whatever it is they have to confess, it’ll go un-noticed. Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

Pay attention. This may be the most revealing weekend of the entire campaign.


Tisha! said...

should I come out with the my extra-marital affair with Barack???

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw something scroll along the bottom of the screen about America being at war with Japan again, but I really wasn't paying attention. I was busy watching a photo montage of Anna Nicole.

Ron Davison said...


I think it would sell blogs!


I've heard rumors about WW3 but I, too, was busily speculating about whether Anna Nicole's death might have somehow been tied to diaper-wearing, love-obsessed astronauts.