24 May 2007

And the Beatlemania Goes On

From The Week magazine:

How popular are the Beatles?
By many measures, more popular than ever. The band sells, on average, 280,000 albums a month worldwide, and according to trade publications, Beatles songs still receive more radio airplay than any other group. Last year, the Beatles topped the Billboard album chart with Love, an album of remixed versions of some of their most famous songs. In 2000, the Beatles released 1, a compilation of all 27 of the group’s No. 1 singles. That album sold 12 million copies in the first three weeks of its release—making it the fastest–selling album of all time—and reached No. 1 in 35 countries.


David said...

Fascinating. Who's getting rich? Michael Jackson who owns most of the Beatle's songs or Paul McCartney who probably still is the majority recipient for the grouP? Is this important? No. But good on ya.

Damon said...

I'm a big fan of the Beatles actually. I took a Beatles History class and have been rather ga-ga ever since!

Anonymous said...

I have a complete set of the Beatle's albums, a complete set of George Harrison's solo albums, a couple of John Lennon albums, and a couple of Ringo Starr albums.

But I don't have any Paul McCartney or Wings albums.

That might change soon, though. Memory Almost Full is getting really good reviews.

Dave said...

Beatles or Stones? That was the question then and now. For me it was and is the Beatles. Mostly Lennon and Harrison. Probably because music rather than words moves me more.