21 May 2007

The Difference Between Liberals & Conservatives

Liberals trust big government.
Conservatives trust big business.

Liberals love the idea of individual freedom, but are eager to regulate activity in the boardroom.
Conservatives love the idea of individual freedom, but are eager to regulate activity in the bedroom.

Conservatives focus on individual responsibility and disregard the system.
Liberals focus on the system and disregard individual responsibility.

Liberals believe that the teachers are fine, it is the socio-economic conditions that should change.
Conservatives believe that the socio-economic conditions are fine, it is the teachers who should change.

Conservatives believe poverty is proof that the poor lack character, or the work ethic to lift themselves out of poverty.
Liberals believe poverty is proof that the rich lack character, or the heart and generosity to help the unfortunate.

Liberals would rather subsidize 100 freeloaders than see 1 genuinely needy person do without.
Conservatives would rather see 100 genuinely needy people do without than subsidize 1 freeloader.

Conservatives' ideal citizen is prepared to sacrifice his life for his country.
Liberals' ideal citizen is prepared to sacrifice his wealth for his country.

Conservatives listen to country music.
Liberals listen to folk music.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure about the first one. Lately it's the conservatives that are putting all of their faith in Big Government and the liberals who just want government to leave us alone.

It's a complete reversal of what conservatives preach, but judge them by their actions: the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, "wars" against various social ills, building walls along the borders, etc. They firmly believe Big Brother- excuse me, Big Government- is the only thing that can protect us.

Ron Davison said...

I totally agree. I think that is one reason that candidates like Rudy G. are making that very point. I think that historians are going to have the worst time trying to figure what - other than a mess up - George Bush was. It's hard to believe that anyone will claim him.

Dave said...

Thomas is right. With a bit of a reversal in Congress, but a new majority on the Supreme Court, individualism and states rights have become mantras that are forgotten by the right wing.

The word duplicity comes to mind. I suppose the GOP heard it from the DEMS.

cce said...

What about the Republican stance on abortion...big government at it's worst. Slowly working their way toward the intended goal, big government's absolute control over the female body.
On the point about freeloaders, I'll quote Churchill. "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."
Winston Churchill

Ron Davison said...

Dave & cce,
to me, your points are related. Perhaps one more couplet might have been something like,
Conservatives want to regulate what happens in the bedroom; liberals want to regulate what happens in the boardroom.
We all seem to want two things: our rights and the right to tell you what your rights are.

David said...

Oh Ron, there are so many holes in your comparisons you should be ashamed. Liberals don't give their money for their country, they pass legislation that makes "the rich" give more money for their country. And if poverty is proof the rich lack character, gee, than makes Hillary and John Edwards and others characterless. And so on.

Ron Davison said...

Holes in my comparision? Nah.

OF COURSE THERE ARE HOLES, David. It's a blog posting, not a RAND study paper.

And you missed the point about character. The fact of poverty is proof to some that the rich don't have the character to alleviate poverty.

David said...

It doesn't normally take character. Just the use of someone else's money. Isn't that what' proposed by dudes like Edwards? He's not going to give up any. He's a model of proof for his "two America's" theme.