17 May 2007

Politics & the Comedian Conspiracy Theory

Rumor has it that Mitt Romney came across as most Reaganesque in the recent debates, leading the panicked Al Sharpton to say, “those that really believe in God will defeat him.” Meanwhile, Romney said that his favorite book was Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard. (Sharpton latter retracted his comment, as did Romney, who clarified that Battlefield Earth is merely his favorite novel and that the Bible is actually his favorite book.)

This raises so many questions.

One, does Sharpton blame his own past defeats as a presidential candidate on the fact that he, himself, doesn't "really believe in God?" or on the fact that "God doesn't really believe in Al?"

Two, could it be that Romney has actually read less than Bush? I mean, how else to explain the fact that his favorite book is by a man who actually began to believe that his own science fiction plots were the explanation of life on earth? Has Romney even read other novels? And if Battlefield Earth really was your favorite novel, would you actually tell anyone? Doesn't that show a terrible lapse in judgment? And if your given name was "Mitt," wouldn't you be more inclined to provide the title of a serious and respected novel?

Three, how did Reagan, the man who decided that ketchup could be counted as a vegetable in school lunches, get to be a minor deity in the Republican Party?

Four, are comedians like Jon Stewart, David Letterman, and Jay Leno actually the true force behind the vetting of politicians? Is it time to launch a comedian conspiracy theory that explains the fact that politicians seemingly can't get into the national limelight until they've passed a test proving some minimal level of absurdity?

Five, why couldn't I have just been fascinated by sports, like other guys?


Damon said...

There's always time to be converted Ron. Matter of fact...NOW is a WONDERFUL time to be converted! The Padres have won the last 2 division titles and the Chargers are yearly playoff contenders and quite possibly Super Bowl candidates.

I welcome you to the lighter side of life!

Ron Davison said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. The problem is, I don't think it took.
I tried all afternoon to get interested in sports and it just didn't happen. I guess the problem is the consequences. If golden state beats Utah, little kids don't all have to convert over to tetherball instead of soccer, or lose their health care. By contrast, the stakes in politics actually matter, which is one of the reasons it holds my attention in spite of all the obvious frustrations. Plus, you can't tell me as a San Diego sports fan that you don't feel terribly frustrated as well. In that sense, it can just as bad as politics, no?

David said...

Picking on RR again. It's time to let it go. I've stopped doing Clinton rants. Take up golf Ron or at least watch it on TV. It moves faster than televised political debates. Or watch baseball. As Damon says, it's time to switch to something, anything but still reciting democratic talking papers on republican presidents of yore. Politics may matter but old politicians, dead ones in fact, don't.

David said...

Oh, I forgot. This was a very funny column until you got to "three."

Ron Davison said...

I can't believe I did this - just for you. I kept the reference to Reagan light with a quick edit. But it is true that the Republican candidates have made Reagan a campaign issue - not me. I'm not the one trying to deify the man. Choice of role models is a real issue and if the Republicans want great presidents, they have them: Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt. You don't have to resort to Reagan of all people.

Anonymous said...

Back to the book thing, I kind of liked Mitt's first response. I think it was honest.

I think if most candidates told us their real favorite books, it wouldn't be the Deep Thought stuff their handlers make them say.

Damon said...

Thomaslb, I agree wholeheartedly. If Mitt would have said something to the effect of "Orality and Literacy" by Walter J. Ong, than Ron would have been writing and complaining that Mitt was not being honest with the general public.

Ron, you're just a prototypical antagonist. :P

cce said...

I've been pleased to see Mitt sort of suffering publicly in recent days. I know it's early but I can't imagine it's going to matter for too much longer what Mitt wants to read in his free time. I suspect he'll be the first candidate to go down in flames. We can only hope this is true after his alluding to torture as acceptable method for drawing out info. on terrorist plots.
So far McCain is the only Rep. candidate on the right side of that issue. Too bad he's so up on this war. He discredits himself by digging in, though I respect his sticking by his true personal opinion, all be it an unpopular one.

Anonymous said...

Did I just read that Mitt's favorite movie was Deep Throat?

Oh . . . good thing I reread thomaslb's comment '-)