02 November 2007

1 Change in Thinking - Intro

In 1994, I made a video I titled A Change in Thinking. It was my attempt to argue that we need a change in thinking in order to move into a new economic age. Systems thinking seems to me a way of thinking better suited to our new realities that seem to defy reductionist, or analytic thinking.

In this video, a much younger me wanders around various beautiful sites in San Diego that includes Balboa Park, La Jolla Cove, Torrey Pines Golf Course, an orchard, and the Natural History Museum. Beginning with this introduction (or skipping directly into segments that more intrigue you) you can watch this 30 minute video straight through.


exskindiver said...

am i the only one not commenting on these videos????

Vladimir Dzhuvinov said...

Wow, this is turning into a video blog!

I didn't know you had talent for video productions :)

cce said...

Talent indeed...footage of caterpillars turning into butterflies, rocket launches, a soundtrack! I'm impressed and will come back and watch when I can give the younger you my undivided attention. Perhaps I'll show the kids tomorrow while they're home from school enjoying a teacher-work day.

Ron Davison said...

Actually, there are about6 billion people not commenting on these videos and you, having just commented, are no longer oen of them.

It was a steep learning curve but kind of a kick. I'd like to try it again when it was 90% learning and 10% execution.

I'm not sure that I'd expose your darling kids to some guy talking about systems thinking - at least not yet.