05 December 2007

A Poem for Autumn

About every 25 years, I'm moved to write a poem. I've checked with the editorial board at R World and they said, "Hey, if any of your readers can spot a theme in the midst of your compulsive writing, they know more than we do. Go ahead and publish a poem. We do know one thing: it won't impact your advertising revenues."

Autumn Poem

Is it just me
Or do these trees
Look like Nazis?
Standing all in a row
This orchard’s just too neat
Nature so unnaturally tamed

Yet in the midst
of attentive trees
I see a mere leaf
Commit an act of treason
Falling in a pattern so loopy
As if to defy the very
Pattern of patterns
And gravity
And concerns
Of falling

A single leaf carving a path no one will follow
Like your hand upon the hollow
Of my thigh
As if to defy the very reason for reasons
And gravity
And seasons
I’ve fallen
In love

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Anonymous said...

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