10 December 2007

Tired of the Commercialization of Christmas

I am tired of the commercialization of Christmas. I'm tired of the merchants who just use this holiday as a means for padding year end profits. This year, I want them to simply give me things that I can, in turn, gift to loved ones.


Rhea said...

I'm Jewish, and I'm so grateful around this time of year for this accident of birth. I would hate to have to mark Christmas by feeling obligated to spend all of my savings on junk for everyone I know. Hey, boomer, let's trade links.

cce said...

I'm jealous of Rhea right about now and with you on feeling scroogey. When did X-mas become gift-centric. I mean, I know about the three wise men and all, but really, when did it spin out of control and morph into its present vulgarity?

Damon said...

well. it could be worse. instead of presents we could be giving each other wedgies. or noogies. or a punch in the face.

i'd rather have a starbucks gift card.