04 July 2008

Happy 4th!

R World will be closed in observance of the 4th of July. We on the editorial board have no clue what that means but nonetheless feel obliged to inform you. Meanwhile, to tide you over until we are again open for business, we would like to advise to to,

1. Be your own parade. Don't just watch a parade today. Actually be one. No one but you even has to know. And really, what better way to show your support for an army of one than a parade of one?

2. Avoid being your own fireworks display. There is no way to do this safely. It is best to not even attempt. Do not force me to go into details. I'd rather not.

3. Thumb your nose at a royalist - if you can find one.

Happy Independence Day!


Jennifer H said...

Darn, I just saw that pesky royalist around here somewhere.

Happy Independence Day!

(you get hundreds of extra points for not saying Happy 4th)

Ron Davison said...

Hooray! Hundreds of extra points. You mean that I've been getting points? Where do I redeem these? (And by the way - pesky seesm like the perfect description for those royalists.)

Gypsy at Heart said...

#1. Check
#2. Absolutely check. I have my own details.
#3. Check and check. I know two.

AND, since when does R World have an editorial board? Or is it that they only convene for the closing of the 4th of July?

Ron Davison said...

glad that see that my public service announcement was not completely ignored.
And about that editorial board? Wel, they've been meeting for about a year, apparently, but this is the first time they've bothered to inform me of that little fact. The good news and bad news is the same: I still have no adult supervision here at Wayne's World, I mean R World.