02 July 2008

My New Hero


HRH said...

*dancing along*

jen said...

when i saw that awhile back i cried and then thought "how the hell can i get a job like that?"

Jennifer H said...

My sister sent this to me last week. Amazing, isn't it? It's hard not to feel a little better about the world when you watch it.

Gypsy at Heart said...

I can understand why. I remember this guy from his first video doing this but... well, there's more places, more people, more joy in this new version. I smiled from beginning to end. Thanks for posting it. As Heros go, he's definitely a mighty one for our modern, globalized age.

Ron Davison said...

Nice dance pose - I'm envious.

I've been looking at jobs posted and can't find this anywhere. But does this mean that we'll both be interviewing for the same job?

Exactly. I'm not sure how committed you'd have to be to a sour mood not to find this uplifting.

A friend quipped that Matt deserves a cool human award. As soon as a stretch properly, I have so got to learn that dance move.

LSD said...


Maybe it's not a job! Could it be that Matt made off with his dad's bank account? -That would explain who it is who asks; 'where the hell is Matt?'

This explanation also adds a charismatic dimension to our hero and helps to explain the happy dance.

-I hope Matt is on the mall in Washington D.C. for the fourth.

Ron Davison said...

Actually, that is pretty hilarious. And it explains so much. I just have one question: can he still be my new hero?

exskindiver said...

and why not?

Ron Davison said...

now you're just making fun of my concision.

LSD said...

Late answer:

Yes! Matt dances, his dad cusses.

-Does your concision hurt?

Ron Davison said...

Even later answer to your late answer,
My concision is now healing nicely, although I've given up on imitating Matt's dance step.