06 November 2008

Ex-Palin - New Word Alert

New Word Alert. Reports are that Sarah Palin did not know the countries that made up North America (Canada, US and Mexico) and did not know that Africa was a continent but thought, instead, that it was a country.

Yet on the campaign trail, she repeated assertions without explanation.

All that to say that we have a new word alert:

ex-palin, verb, 1. dogmatically making a claim for which there is neither supporting logic or data; 2. to repeat an assertion rather than actually clarify.


Life Hiker said...

CNN had it right tonight.

McCain's staffers are tag-teaming Palin's inadequacies, and of those there are many.

However, they put her in front of McCain without any vetting.

They are the true culprits, and that's no "ex-palin".

Anonymous said...

Dyslexics untie!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Palin had the same problem Obama did... it seems to be a qualification for being a politician these days.

David said...

I don't buy CNN having anything right. They also said there was no real economic crisis only a day after O's election. McCain's staffers are only saving their rears and their resumes but it won't work.

As for repeated assertions without explanation: ahem, look at that guy named Obama. If you want to be critical (and apparently we still feel the need to be) look at many of his extempore remarks as opposed to his scripted orations.

Palin, like Arnold, will be back.

cce said...

I've got little to add b/c I'm too busy scratching my head about those who have compared Palin to Obama here in the comment section.

nunya said...

great comment on Moyers :)

LET'S TALK said...

I think what we are finding out about Sarah Palin, tells us a lot about McCain and Fox News.

Fox, as well as McCain knew these things about Palin weeks ago, but only informed the American people after they lost.

Anonymous said...

. . . same problem???

I seem to remember one of them being able to construct a sentence that actually contained a coherent thought.

Anonymous said...

Is this kind of like Joe Biden saying that Hillary would have been a better choice for V.P.? Or saying that you can't go into a convenience store "around here" without running into a person of Middle-Eastern descent?

Oh...sorry. That was ugly. :-(
I know better than to act that way.

David said...

Good for you Pinky. There are parallels, all too many to suit me. We hear and read what we want to.

Let's start pulling out IQ bullets and shooting them at the moon? My guy's smarter than your guy (or gal).

I'll start: Anyone want to be that Hillary would win that one? Need an ex-palination?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, can't we all just get along?

Just when you try to rise above it all. :: sigh ::

Anonymous said...

how about those steelers?

Ron Davison said...

with or without Palin McCain likely would have lost. People weren't ready for more Republican after 8 years of George.

Typos are revelations. How they invented new words before it I'll never know.
steelers probably have a better chance of getting invited to the White House in January than Sarah.

Obviously CNN has serious problems - they rah-rah'ed us into the Iraq war with all the critical analysis with which someone would recommend a new restaurant.

Joe has problems saying what he thinks. But he doesn't seem to have much problem thinking about complex issues. Biden has his problems but they seem different from Sarah's.

everyone is like everyone. to a degree.

hooray for Moyers? (Comment where?)

I did not know that about Fox's cover up of this news. It is what we'd predict, no?

there certainly does seem to be a difference in ability to articulate and what that suggests about underlying intellect. I would have thought that the folks who defended the inarticulate as just as able to think through things clearly would have given up that defense after 8 years of watching Bush.