24 November 2008

Too Big to Fail

Citi joins the list of companies too big to fail

Over 6' 4" and more than 200 pounds, I've decided that this notion of "too big to fail" ought to be extended beyond just companies. I would like to be put on this list.

Don't worry though. I will remember you little people.


Anonymous said...

makes me reconsider trying to lose the baby weight

Ben said...

How do you suppose it would take to keep you going? Would you like to be bailed out in dollars or pork chops?

Anonymous said...

According to Leona Helmsley, only little people pay taxes- so if you're paying taxes, you're still a little person. (Granted you're one of the bigger little people, but still.)

Damon said...

whoa. Ron. do I sense a modicum of conservatism buried within your sarcasm????

I'm gonna start calling you "Mitt" Davison.


Ron Davison said...

if you want the government to care, it is best not to be too small.

considering the day, a bailout in turkey would be welcome.

So you are saying that there is no real chance? Listen, if I wanted my false hopes dashed, I'd be a real reporter instead of a blogger.

Mitt!? Mitt!? Please no.

Daryl said...

I concur.

Gypsy at Heart said...

I do wonder what they would give 5 feet, one and three quarter inch people who weigh 115 pounds. Hmmm... maybe I should get myself one of those spine stretching machines and stuff myself a little more. Now I don't want turkey or pork chop remuneration mind you but, I would gladly accept my bailout payment in gourmet meals at restaurants of my choice. Oh when I think of all the money that has and will get blown away I can only imagine that my proposal for a full belly sounds like an eminently smart move.

I LOVED Thomas' comment on this post by the way.

Ron Davison said...

actually, this would be a great pep talk to give the team. "Even the government has agreed that you all are too big to fail."

Thomas is one of the few people charming enough to upstage blog writers with his comments and still be so thoroughly enjoyed.
And you do sound small enough to fail. I guess this would be reason enough for you to welcome the new administration. Perhaps they will be on the lookout for you little people. Me? I am still eagerly awaiting my "too big to fail" certificate but it seems that those are as hard to get as presidential pardons.