06 November 2008

O-bama-barded with Possibilities

My mind is abuzz with this shift in what is now possible. I have started probably 8 posts that all trail off into incoherence as I try to think through the implications of the new possibilities with an Obama administration.

I am a sucker for the story of progress - for the notion that each half century or so, life gets better. This non-linear, erratic, and messy process invariably results in a world that past generations could not predict.

The fact that a black is soon to be our president reminds us that progress happens and that what has not happened yet is nonetheless possible. Unprecedented does not mean impossible. That very notion - that what has yet to happen is possible - is intoxicating and the spirit of possibility that Obama's election helps to usher in may be as much of a catalyst for progress and change as any 20 specific policy proposals.

What if we started from the question, What is possible? rather than the question, What is wrong?

What if this country were again seized with the power of possibility?

What would be possible then?


David said...

Let's wait and see who O picks for his cabinet and then we can discuss what's possible. He started off with Ron Emanuel. No change there.

Life Hiker said...

The sweet fragrance of possibility - how intoxicating to us eternal optimists!

But, 'tis true that our optimism has weight, or we'd be living in caves and spearing things for dinner.

Pay no attention to the O'Reilly's, Beck's, Limbaugh's, and Savage's of the world. They make millions peddling the fear and negativity their listeners want to hear.

Instead, think about a world powered by the sun's rays, a day when North Korea will be a place to go hiking, and a time when kids everywhere can get a Ph.D. on the internet for peanuts. If a semi-black man can be president of the U.S., these things can't be far behind if we work to make them happen.

David said...

What's Life Hiker on? I' like to get some. If you say "hope" I'll hurl. I want to "pay no attention" to the truth and live in that world that "can't be far behind if we work to make (it) happen." Hiker, do you know how naive that sounds?

cce said...

I guess David is feeling less sunshiny today than those of us who really, really need to believe that this country can be made better by the applied efforts of a few inspired people. I think, that as a nation, we must believe this or the whole concept of democracy need be thrown out, baby with the bath water.

Lifehiker said...

Lifehiker is on life! All day long, every day.

The progress I've seen in my life is beyond comprehension. I've been a leader for more than 40 years, in the military, business, and civic organizations. People hire me because I get things done, and I'm secure in my personal and financial life. But I suppose I'm naive to believe that good things happen when you work hard.

What do you got, David? My guess is that I wouldn't hire you.

David said...

LH, my guess is I wouldn't work for you. Nothing personal.

Ron Davison said...

I am with you. To repeat myself, if a person doesn't have hope, things are hopeless - not a particularly heart warming prospect.

I think that we can at least wait until Obama is in office before we give up on him?

I like the optimism. If not now, when? I'll dance until I am disappointed at least twice.