15 June 2009

Changing the Rules of War

I'd like to propose a new rule for war. Why not limit battle to those who are over 75?

This would have at least three benefits. One, it would mean no longer cutting short the lives of the young. Two, it would create a new kind of arms race: rather than just spend on defense, countries would be motivated to spend on health care, doing all they could to keep the 75 and older crowd vibrant, strong and healthy. And it would mean that when you spent more on war you would almost automatically spend less on retirement, helping with deficit reduction.

Of course, that would mean that the world's toughest job would be the new job of carding heavily armed soldiers to confirm that they really are over 75.

[And thanks to Sarah for posting a picture of her son in uniform, thereby provoking this thought.]


slouchy said...

Imagine me laughing a bit bitterly. Cuz that's what I'm doing.

I can see it now...

Life Hiker said...

This is a great old idea. I especially like it because I'm 10 years away from 75.

While we're at it, we should re-institute the draft for the old folks and eliminate the prohibition of females in combat jobs. The ladies are in better shape at that age!

nunya said...


Big Al said...


Did you perchance see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" before writing your latest Blog entry?

FWIW, I like how Israel handles being in the military: EVERY citizen has to serve. The times I've visited over there it was common to see young men and women in fatigues, semi-automatic rifle slung over their shoulder, waiting at the bus stop. Quite the amazing country in so many ways.

Back to your brilliant idea, Ron, I'd like to add a stipulation: those in Government don't get to wait until they're 75. Make it a law that any person reaching the age of 70 having served in Congress or are currently serving in Congress would start serving at age 70, not 75. It might do well to take the 'career' out of career politicians.

Mrs4444 said...

This is awesome. Would we let women in? (I mean, we'd have to, else the men would forget their meds.)

Big Al said...


Of *COURSE* we'd let women in! You don't expect us guys to do all the cookin', cleanin' and laundry for ourselves, do ya'? ;-) ;-)

Sorry, I just COULDN'T resist that opening! ;-)