03 June 2009

Stuart Smiley in Purgatory

Al Franken hasn't won until the loser cries uncle. Given the Democrats have taken a stand against waterboarding, it's not obvious that there is any effective way to get Norm Coleman to give up his fight for the Minnesota Senate seat.

There is, however, a tactic that Al Franken might use that just might work. He could show up each day at Norm Coleman's house and, like a suburban missionary, stand on Norm's stoop and mock him anew with daily affirmations.

"Norm," he could say, "you are almost good enough. You are almost smart enough. And doggone it, nearly as many people voted for you as they did for me."

1 comment:

Life Hiker said...

It doesn't matter. Between now and the next presidential election the republicans will complete the job of marginalizing their party.