31 July 2009

Barack Obama, Capitalist Pig

When George W. Bush took office, the NASDAQ was at 2770.38. By the end of his administration, 8 years later, it was at 1440.86, a drop of nearly 50% (47.99%, to be exact).

When Barack H. Obama took office, the NASDAQ was at 1440.86. By 9 March, it had dropped to 1268.64, a fall of nearly 12%. A great many critics bemoaned the effect his policy was already having on the market. Since then, the NASDAQ has gone up about 56%, to 1978.5. Since Obama has taken office, the NASDAQ has risen 37%.

I would go on, but I'll just stop here, with the facts. I'll leave you to reach the conclusion that Obama is obviously a friend of Wall Street, a capitalist pig if you will, and George W. was a closet socialist who left investors afraid to put their money into American markets. I run an obscure but honest blog and I would never push my readers into such incendiary conclusions. This time, I'll just report the facts.


Sergei Dovgodko said...

You are stating the obvious.

Bush has done everything he could to destroy the capitalistic system. He appointed the right people in the government, engaged in unwindable wars, executed brilliant gambits of deregulation that lead to the collapse of the financial system. Let's face the reality - Leon Trotsky would give him a big hug.

And Obama? He wants to reverse all that! Not only he bailed out the bankers and insurers, helped the lenders squeeze the last buck from the mortgaged households, but also he is taking the forces out of Iraq!

And look at health care! His program smells like Sweden or Norway. The nation is already terrified by all those socialist horrors one can observe in those lands, such as free education, heath care, child care, decent retirement for everyone. Now Obama is trying to bring socialism to the Land of Free thru the backdoor of heath care reform.

No Pasaran!

Sergei Dovgodko

Lifehiker said...

Yeah. But he's half black. He's got to do twice as good before some people will even say his name without spitting afterward.

Anonymous said...

As you stated, the NASDAQ falling started in Bushes era and there really isn't anything the president could do about it. he is trying to save people's jobs and health.
firstly by giving a stimulus check to companies, you prevent unnecessary bankruptcy. think about it, would you like to have a job and receive your regular pay check, or lose your job and receive a 300 dollars stimulus check that u got last year.
Secondly as for health care, look at England, France and even Ireland and Canada have a national health care plan. with this plan u can get any type of health care u want, just show your ID when you get to the hospital. it is all free. if u want an elite or top of the line insurance plan, then you can buy a plan from an insurance company. and when i mean elite plan i mean a plan that covers every thing from heart to brain surgery from the best doctors in America and it will be so unbelievable cheap (like $2 - $10)
cause you really wouldn't even need such insurance unless u are sick (really sick)
As far as am concerned he is doing a great job and has inspired millions.