30 July 2009

Is This Really News?

Obama is issuing the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 16 people and having a couple more over for beers. He's going to need to think bigger if he wants to reverse his declining poll numbers. Like invite the people of Ohio to the mall for a kegger.

A new report indicates that tanning beds are as risky as smoking. Even riskier, of course, is tanning until you are smoking.

The housing market is recovering and house prices are slowly edging back up. If the recession recovery continues, by fall the news organizations will be reporting a new financial crisis: how housing is becoming unaffordable. And then wonder why it is that people tend to dismiss them.

Sarah Palin may host a radio talk show. The thought of her using that medium is rather like the thought of Congressman Barney Frank announcing that he's joining the World Wrestling Federation.

Commentators are alarmed by Madonna's biceps. Have we gotten so numb to obesity that we are now alarmed by muscle? I obviously missed the memo that explains this.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Ron!

I despise the dinosaur media (main stream media...whatever). Very rarely watch the local news anymore.

BBC is decent. But to find out what's really happening in America, check out the serious blogs.

Anonymous said...

I like the commentary. I summarize the current political landscape as a bunch of out-of-touch politicians. There will always be a difference of opionion on how to "solve" the issues in this nation. It is evident by the declining poll numbers of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and in general, the whole Congress that they are not in tune with the voters that put them in office. A novel idea would be to listen to others and if you are going to pass health care reform, they should send a message to the general population that they will abide by the same plan rather than treat us like a herd of sheep and they are the masters......or masters they will be no longer.

Lifehiker said...

Your second paragraph reminded me of the "Safety Lecture" I once received from a U.S. Army sergeant.

It went as follows: "Do not drink and drive! But, if you do drink and drive, don't smoke!"