07 July 2009

Waiting for Meaning

why do I like this so much?
It seems to explain everything.
- The essence of the message from my brother in law. I don't know what more I could offer by way of commentary or sentiment. It, inexplicably, amuses me. (Is it legal to say that it inexplicably explains so much?)

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Gypsy at Heart said...

I can see why you like it. That was clever editing and it had just the right amount of annoyance, lack of clarification and repetition, to correctly depict that frustrated state which most people find themselves in when asked relevant questions about technology and the internet. What a great clip.

Not only legal but true!

On another note, I saw a short video the other day where Google sent out a reporter to New York City to stop people on the street in order to ask them one question: "What is a browser?" Only 3% of those asked answered the question correctly.

Do you know what a browser is Ron? ;-)