16 December 2009

Is the Bottle Half Empty or is That a Frontal Lobotomy?

"I belong to no organized political party. I'm a democrat."
- Will Rogers.

It looks as though the Democrats have failed to pass health care legislation.

As frustrating as I find this, I would rather a party that failed to do the right thing than one that succeeded at doing the wrong thing.

But really, is it too much to ask to have 8 years when we've either got a party that continually fails to do the wrong thing or actually succeeds at doing the right thing?


Anonymous said...

I think that comment above is my favorite spam comment ever!

Lifehiker said...

AimTrust - just what I've been looking for!

As for the democrats and congress in general - I'm sick of all their antics and ready to throw up. If this is democracy, maybe it's not what we need.