18 December 2009

Report on the Senate, for the Senate, from within the Senate

After 23 years in the Senate, John McCain made this observation:

"I must say that I don't know what's happening here in this body, but I think it's wrong,"

I think that McCain's comment should be put onto t-shirts and given to freshman senators to wear as they sit through sessions.

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Big Al said...

Let me guess this straight...Senator McCain says he doesn't "know what's happening here" in the Senate in terms of Senator Lieberman not given additional speaking time by Senator Franken yet then Senator McCain asserts "but I think it's wrong". How can you not know what's going on yet assert "it's wrong"? If one doesn't know what's going on, one can't make a determination of the situation being right or wrong. But this statement from Senator McCain is a good example of how he ran his campaign. I swear I can almost hear the logic he used to select then Governor Palin to be his VP, "I don't know much about her background but I think she'll be just right."