27 January 2011

Royal Weddings - Like Giving Alcohol to Toddlers

On her wedding day, a bride is royalty. On that day, we make no pretense that everyone is equal. We don't revel in the uniform of jeans and t shirts and casual conversations. Instead, it's a day with a royal procession, fawning over the princess, and a dress that transforms her from commoner to royalty.

We make a great show about everyone being equal in the West but what we really want is our shot at becoming royalty, at being the person who is beautiful, rich, and powerful enough that they're lauded simply for being friendly to the commoners. We don't so much want an egalitarian society as one in which we all have an equal shot at being treated better than everyone else.

And for that reason alone, a wedding is a hoot. Everyone wants a day to be treated like royalty.

So what happens when royalty have a wedding? It's like giving alcohol to toddlers who were already walking unsteadily and speaking incoherently. When royals have weddings ... well, you get a spectacle that generates more news than anything short of war or natural disaster. 

This year William and Kate are getting married. If you can, buy stock in tabloids. At least for now. And try to wrap your mind around the idea of what it means for royalty to be treated like royalty. 

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