01 February 2011

Tweets from Jan 2011

Egyptian government shuts down Internet - citizens forced to use hieroglyphics. On possibly related note, protestors build human pyramid.

Wonder how different you'd be if you were someone else. If your folks named you Alexander the Great instead of Reginald, for instance.

Another year and again snubbed by the organizers of Davos. Don't these people know that I have a blog?

3 happiest sounds in the English language: haha, ah, and aha. Apparently, exhaling makes us happy.

I swear they said Asian cuisine but was surprised to find mashed potatoes and digestive cookies. It was, sadly, an Agin' cuisine buffet.

Citizen - Journalists risk lives to cover national policies. Where are the employee - journalists to risk jobs to cover corporate policy?

Don't criticize anyone til you've walked a mile in their shoes. By then, what w/ the pain and blisters, you should be able to really cut loose.

Walmart has 'anti-aging' makeup for 8-year-olds? Wouldn't it be enough for them to resist aging by simply not wearing makeup?

Everything you ever do has to be, by definition, doable. I don't know why I keep having to relearn the need to change tasks until they are.

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo. Sort of. Just the words, "This is not a tattoo" written on my bicep.

"That's ridiculous!" "Well yes dear, but sometimes ridiculous is the best we can do."

I wish, rather than telling us to be more like China, Obama had told us to be more like Norway. Seems obvious who has better quality of life.

Taking my cue from Congress, I'm no longer going to just nod when I agree – however tepidly. I’m going to stand and applaud.

Cuba, that last holdout of communism, has the 2nd highest govt. spending as % of GDP. Only Iraq, our example of democracy, has higher.

Obama won't accept 2nd place, yet we're 10th in happiness, 11th in per capita GDP, and 33rd in education. Maybe he'll accept 3rd?

The universe is infinite AND expanding AND right here! If not mind boggling that seems at the very least mind jostling.

So, it turns out that it was Rahm Emanuel who was born in Kenya?

The biggest delusion of middle age is thinking that you won't have to change your life in the next decade just as much as you did at 20.

Today's biz idea: surf video web site, YouTubular.

Parents today worry about their children being bored in the same way that parents 100 years ago worried about their children being hungry.

"As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning and meaningful statements lose precision." - Lofti Zadeh

I wonder whether they consider it a good or bad thing when employees at Jack in the Box think outside the box. 

Obama quickly tired of the Chinese president shrugging off all his challenges and queries with the quip, "The Hu Man is only Human."

34 of the 100 largest economies in the world are companies. A quarter of countries would not make Fortune 500 list (assuming sales ~ GDP)

I wonder if the Chinese will also add a 13th astrological sign. Already have a dragon and tiger. I vote for year of the panda.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." – MLK

I would like to find a really good personal trainer. And by really good, I mean someone who actually exercises for me.

Schwarzenegger says governorship cost him $200 million. Curiously, that's just a fraction of what it cost the state.

Her new year's resolutions became less demanding every year. This year it was simply to take down the Christmas lights. Eventually.

So, the earth is wobbling on its orbit and the 1st thing that concerns people is whether their horoscope has changed?

It's not so much 1 brain as many brain modules w/ different goals. Conflict is just a reminder that it's a small, primitive tribe up there.

About the same temp in Canada and San Diego this week. Only here it is 22 Celsius and there it was 22 Fahrenheit.

Presumably, awe is best in small doses. Awe-some is better than aw-ful.

Back from Coronado cooking up ideas on how to pull off a LBO of beach property by issuing junk bonds against my suburban home.

Will next generation pay security deposit, and then turn on utilities AND aesthetics? "Well yeah, I have electricity but no art or music.

Happy 1/11/11 day! There are 1's enough for everyone 1!

Honest to goodness graffiti seen here in Canada: "A Quiet, Peaceful Place." Canada, where even the vandals are polite.

In the 2,000 miles between San Diego and Corpus Cristi, there are 6,700 gun dealers. Along that stretch, Arizona is the easiest place to buy.

Saw a palm reader in downtown Vancouver. For an extra $20, he'll let you keep your gloves on so your hands stay warm while he does it.

If the Queen visited Canada, she'd only need one Canadian bill ... which she could then use as ID for cashing checks.

My nephew casually said, "It's hit and mystery." I would have corrected him but the way he said it actually makes more sense.

I think for my next career, it'd be fun to get into improvisational academia - just expounding theories w/o constraints of data or reason.

I think that flying could be really exciting. Especially if nobody had ever bothered to explain to you before how seat belts work.

Facebook values 500 million users at $50 billion, meaning 1 user = $100. I wonder if this will create a black market for false identities.

Initially baffled by the high prices, it took Ralph some time to realize that he'd stumbled into Cost'Mo instead.

I stepped outside and looked around. I couldn't see a flaw anywhere. It is a perfect day.

Oh boy. Here we go into the awkward 'tween stage of the century.

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