03 May 2011

Tweet April - From Business Ideas to Buddhist Hymn

Maybe next month we need a May skeptics' day. April Fools' Day credible, May Skeptics' Day incredible.

Like bliss on a ritz. Hung the hammock. 70. Sunny. Great book. Insert sigh of contentment here

All the Canadians are rooting for the Yukon in tonight's NCAA final four game.

Idea: air basketball. Full size court with blowers like air hockey to make it easier to leap and run, like playing on the moon.

The one time you can be sure that people will do what you tell them is when you tell them to do what they want.

Idea for kiosk outside court house. Sell "If he's not guilty, why did they arrest him?" t-shirts to folks who want to escape jury duty.

Only states where Republican candidates are running ahead of the incumbent president are in the south and the Middle East.

Idea for more useful polling. Rather than ask opinions, ask for solutions to problems or punch lines for potential joke

Twice today I confused the date. Maybe absent minded. Prefer to think it's proof that my experiments in time travel are coming to fruition.

The US spans 7 time zones and California is smack in the middle. One more reason we should be home to the nation's capital

Idea for a t-shirt to sell to Bill Gates. "If only I had a nickel for every nickel I had."

If they had a fact factory, I think it would be fun to work there. 

Rap feeds listeners a steady diet of hate, making them angry and anti-social. But unlike talk radio, it does rhyme and have rhythm

Liberal brains empathic and deal better with uncertainty. Conservative brains quicker to id and respond to threats.http://bit.ly/dW23ok

Deficit reduction idea. Special day when people send a portion of their income to the central government. Maybe as soon as next week.

Exxon made $19 billion profits in '09, paid $0 taxes and got a $156 million rebate from IRS. See others http://1.usa.gov/g5lwpo

My specialty is stand alone comedy. It's like standup only no one else wants to hear it.

Circumlocution is no way to set things straight.

I really like country music..... Jamaica is a country, right?

So, Earth Day is over. Hmm. Over, eh. As if there is anywhere else we can go.

"Lives based on having are less free than lives based on either doing or on being." - William James

If Britain were a democracy, Brits would vote on who would marry William to become queen. Now that would be a fun campaign to watch.

I may soon announce when I will announce whether or not I am thinking about running for president.

Dear President Obama. Nothing is less reasonable than reasoning with unreasonable people. You can stop now.

Last quarter (that's a 3 month period, not a year) Exxon's profits were $11 billion. That's obscene. Time for a name change to XXX-on.

Trouble choosing whether to attend John Paul's beatification at Vatican or royal wedding. An invitation for either could help me decide.

Cambridge - site of awesome discoveries like electron & DNA. Coolest royal wedding tidbit? Will & 
Kate r now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Poor William. Soon he'll need a toupee. Lucky for him, he's got a few of the early model, solid gold ones in the closet.

Buddhist hymn: He ain't heavy ... he's enlightened.

NFL Draft Day. Society's little reminder to college grads that they should have done the practical thing and majored in football.

Not flying but floating cars. Drives normally but then just tie them to a pole and let them rise. No more searching for a parking space.

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David said...

Good stuff except that Obama's reasons and reasoning can be seriously questioned (or challenged as it often is).