31 May 2011

Tweets of Spring - May Recap

"There are two kinds of people: people who have food and people who might have food." - a dog.

Bidets without warning.

My new motto: Our only real option is wild optimism.

If you give everyone same education you reduce income inequality only 10%. If you give everyone same income you reduce differences in life satisfaction only 5%.

Put differently, things that make a difference don't make that much difference.

For stock market to work, two people have to wake up believing perfectly contradictory things: "now is a perfect time to buy! / sell!"

RT @aaronsw: Confused tourists are always asking me how to get to Harvard. I tell them: pick rich parents.

Biz idea: recyclable cereal box that's actually ebook or tablet. Take it to store to periodically fill up. Read articles / comics on side.

One reason companies die is that as they mature, they become less tolerant of crazy people and crazy ideas. http://bit.ly/jyX7zQ

Systems define most outcomes. Changing teachers, politicians, bankers is like changing actors in hopes that Romeo & Juliet will end happily.

Per blog hits someone in Mecca wonders "will women take over the world" Women taking over Mecca seems as likely as fish taking over Phoenix.

Tuo kuzi fang pi. A Mandarin expression meaning excess caution. Translates to English as "to take your trousers off to pass wind".

21 May 2011. The day that the word enraptured came to mean "surprised by the persistence of the status quo."

RT @tnr: How to explain Republicans' crazy debt-ceiling denialismhttp://ow.ly/4ZYot

#WorldBlu Clarification on "world ends tomorrow" message. Should read, "world AS YOU KNOW IT ends tomorrow (if that's what you choose)"

#WorldBlu Might have been among the highest concentration of visionary, smart, passionate and engaged people gathered in 1 place this year.

#WorldBlu What if organizational democracy is the bridge rather than destination? Still so much unknown about where it will take us.

TSA scrutinized 2 pilots bags VERY closely. Are they worried they might have something that gets them into the cockpit? Baffling.

The World's First Twitter-Based Hedge Fund Is Finally Open for Business - The Atlantic http://t.co/LP4tWXf via @AddThis

RT @herbkim: CFO asks CEO: 'What happens if we develop our people & they leave?' CEO: 'What happens if we don't & they stay?' via @prawlings

RT @TheIdeasEconomy: “Transform local elections of leader chosen for a time period into project-oriented elections."http://ow.ly/4T3B9

Heirarchy - form of government in which anarchy is inherited from parent to child. Ex, "Our family is not a democracy, it is a heirarchy."

Band name: audio ninja. Play sort of Muzak / Windham Hill / Chill music until the crowd is lulled. Then breaks into loud, raucous music.

"World Ends Saturday" http://bit.ly/m8oseX Good time for big charges on the credit card.

For Sandi: RT @TheOnion: NEWSWIRE: Updated U.S. Citizenship Test Just Asks Immigrants 'Do You Like Hot Dogs?'http://onion.com/Lt5p

Rahm Emanuel today becomes Chicago's new mayor and the man most likely to add actual swearing to the swearing-in ceremony.

RT @RBReich: U.S. CEO pay up 11% this year. Time to outsource overly expensive CEOs?

Product idea: bumper sticker made of Kindle-like ink that updates as you update status on facebook or tweet.

This week, heading up to San Francisco for a conference on democratizing the workplace. It is intriguing. http://bit.ly/l6WGcZ

In 2010, Chevron's CEO made $16.3 million, Conoco's CEO made $17.9m, Exxon's CEO $29m. Entire US Senate combined? $17.4 million.

Blogger was down for a day. Obvious conspiracy between big media, business, and government to silence us. Now to post on spring flowers.

Every week, enough Android phones are sold to give to every person in Chicago. Every month, enough to give to every person in Greece.

One often overlooked reason for breezes: plants exhaling oxygen. This is why there's so often a breeze in forests or tropical settings.

I don't mean to brag but I'm #1. And, they just called #93 so I should get my tostada soon.

Last week for me a first: $4.999 for gas.

R World: California Mortgage Market Has a Bad Hair Day (or, how to make a billion dollars a day) http://bit.ly/kXYEcp

Drove by the Crossover Church yesterday. Made me wonder if somewhere there isn't a Hangover Church for the newly repentant.

Idea for "Not so Happy Hour." Open Mic for people to vent about the week they've had.

Life of Riley at Old Globe was hilarious. Colin McPhillamy was a brilliant standout in a really standout cast.

Since 1980, politicians give tax cuts because work place doesn't give pay raises.

Had incomes grown since 1980 at same rate as 1900 to 1980, US avg would be $45,502 instead of actual $32,708.

I'm not saying that he was primitive but he did get his clothes from Abercromagnon & Fitch.

Only 15 days away from dos Xx's de Mayo (or is that just XX de Mayo?) - 4X the celebratory potential of Cinco de Mayo.

Diet tip. Drain all the power (calories) off of a potato, using it as a battery before baking or frying. Total calories after? Zero.

@DanielPink Peter Block once said leadership is a collusion between control freaks and people who don't want to accept responsibility.

Bad weekend to have made Obama angry. Within 2 days, he goes after 3 enemies: bin Laden, Qaddafi , and Trump. 2 for 3.

Almost as important as knowing how to think is knowing what NOT to think about. You're always meditating, the question is on what?

Grammar can be the difference between wedding and funeral: your toast or you're toast.

Sort of cool to get a blog hit from the Executive Office of the President. Maybe now that he's caught Osama he's looking for new projects.

One trillion dollars. One decade. Finally got one man. Not obvious to me that we actually won this round.

What would Voltaire say? 21st century and the two biggest news stories are about a royal wedding and the beatification of a pope.

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