26 July 2011

The Fourth Economy: Inventing Western Civilization - ebook now published

My book, The Fourth Economy: Inventing Western Civilization, is now available in paperback, and for kindle, and nook.


What if the information economy was over?

Since medieval times, the West has been defined by agricultural, industrial, and information economies. Each new economy has forced the West to redefine things as fundamental to its identity as religion, politics, and finance. What if a just emerging fourth economy will force us to redefine business?

The Fourth Economy is a history book that tells your future. Using a pattern of social invention and revolution to tell the story of how the West emerged from the Dark Ages, it then uses this pattern to predict the sweeping changes of the next few decades.

If the information economy is giving way to a new, fourth, entrepreneurial economy, it suggests something sobering and something exciting. What is sobering is that our old policies are no longer enough. What is exciting is that if we can reinvent ourselves as past generations did in the transition from agricultural to industrial, or industrial to information economies, we can experience prosperity and quality of life better than we could have hoped.

The Fourth Economy: Inventing Western Civilization is a wildly optimistic book that will change how you think about the past and your future.

The Author:
Working as a business consultant for Franklin-Covey and ProChain Solutions, Inc., Ron Davison has worked with some of the world’s largest and best-performing corporations. For Covey, Ron had the good fortune to lead the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle Centered Leadership seminars. With ProChain, Ron works with project teams inside of Fortune 500 firms to accelerate their development of new products as varied as diapers, computer chips, pharmaceuticals, and stents. Ron’s first full time job was to take over the operation of a 22-employee restaurant- bakery when he was 17.

Ron has hosted a radio show, taught macroeconomics, was part of the organization to first host a trade show featuring American companies in Hanoi, and spoken in a variety of venues that include systems thinking conferences and Deming User Groups. Ron has previously created A Change in Thinking, a video on systems thinking.

The Fourth Economy: Inventing Western Civilization is his most audacious attempt yet to make this a better world.

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