01 July 2011

Retweeting June

Republican plan to default on debt so it doesn't hurt economy is like shooting your son down off the roof before he gets hurt. 

Wish I could remember that Alzheimer's joke.

As alternative to the apps store, it'd be interesting to have a mishaps store. It would offer character building experiences.

I'm nearly certain that the average person citing the Heisenberg uncertainty principle is largely uncertain about it.

"Son, anything can happen to anyone, but it usually doesn't." - Phillip Roth.

Skechers shapeups work on the principle of instability, forcing muscles to work for balance. It's the same reason that drunks are so fit.

Kevorkian died today, but not before setting a new record for the number of attempted suicides

He had a Napoleaana complex - cheerfully assuming the world would be better if only he ruled it.

78% of Americans can name all three stooges. Only 42% can name all three branches of government. http://bit.ly/mtL1vE

Is causality like dominoes, cause - effect - cause ....? Or is it like swamps and alligators, changing environment to change outcomes?

Wonder if a term has a better chance of defining a group if it is less defined. Think about a concept like democracy or even America.

The bachelor's variant on "Best by" expiration dates: "but still not bad by" dates.

Les Paul's birthday and the google logo has gone electric (which is so much more practical than acoustic search engines). So cool.

He was baffled that he'd done so poorly on the math test. After all, hadn't he given it 110%?

Google's new scheme for making money. I clicked on the "I'm feeling lucky" button and they offered to sell me lottery tickets.

2012 Conservative Dream Team or 1980s prom court? Perry & Palin: when you'd rather your candidates were photogenic than policy wonks.

Theirs was the only salsa bar in town that boasted everything from ketchup to pepper spray.

In the decade since Bush's tax cuts, federal debt rose an additional $2.6 trillion. Oh well, at least the economy has thrived.

Facebook about to do IPO and last month, for 1st time ever, total users in US dropped. Is Zuckerberg selling at the peak?

RT @TIME: Airlines made $3.4 billion off of baggage alone last year. (Our therapist said the same) | http://ti.me/jFvFEc

Manuscript back from editor and now mine to rewrite. Gulp

RT @brainpicker: Pure awe – year of moon’s movement in 2 minutes http://j.mp/jSAO4i (The world's first strobe light or awesome screen saver)

Weiner resigns. There's really nothing funny about that story. Except, of course, imagining Barbara Walters making the announcement.

In wake of Stanley Cup loss, Canadians riot, leaving a trail of scone crumbs and tea stains all across Vancouver.

Michele Bachmann rises to 2nd in GOP polls after debate when she claimed she'd push for constitutional amendment but not force it on states.

RT @brainpicker: Oh great. U.S. military spends more to air condition tents than NASA’s entire budget http://j.mp/j6335Y (@Richard_Florida)

Now this is what a news headline should look like: "Deer dropped by eagle knocks out power in Montana" http://yhoo.it/kQbEBu

Have to love that the "Teen Real Life" section is immediately adjacent to the "Humor" section at Barnes & Noble.

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." -Elvis Costello

Idea for eco-friendly, more active alternative to a Segway: tour groups on pogo sticks.

If all goes well, my commute home from work today will be only 10 hours. That's 5 hours less than yesterday's commute to work.

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone ... unless, of course, it is your mind you lose in which case you still won't know.

Flew LAX to Albuquerque today. Excited to see Batman walk onto the plane and sit directly behind me (Batplane!) but it was just Val Kilmer.

Today men in military uniforms repeatedly called me sir. It's disconcerting - like being mistaken for a jockey.

4th of July weekend. I might just walk around with a t-shirt that says, "parade of one."

“If you are not paying for the service, you are the product being sold.” 
-Eli Pariser on “free” websites and other media

Estimated price tag for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is enough to cover California's budget for next four decades. http://bit.ly/jIzqov

"What was your first clue they might negotiate rather than fight?" "Well, they were rallied around a leaf." Happy Canada Day!

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