29 July 2011

The Wild Ignorance of the Wild Right

In a recent debate, Michele Bachmann stated that she would push for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, but would not force this on the states. There is so much about this simple statement of hers that is alarming. One, she shows an ignorance of the relationship between the laws and constitution that we would not even accept from a middle school civics student. Two, she is a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. Three, she represents the most influential group in politics today - the proudly ignorant.

So now we see the effects of this sort of wild naivete in politics. The surgeon whose sole qualification for doing the surgery was that his thinking had never been corrupted by med school has now proven that it would help if he knew simple, elementary things like how to stop blood flow. The country has been taken hostage by people who are ideological extremists but who don't even understand how politics work - creating, in their confusion, some absurd blend of theater and guerrilla warfare that has nothing to do with reason or compromise.

Of course, even the fact of a second, more severe recession would do little to dissuade their followers that they're wrong. Immune to reason and results, these people have an ideological agenda that requires purity of thought and adherence to uncompromising principles. You know, like the medieval church once advocated. And we know how well that worked out.

[addendum - your blog author continues the rant against the extremists who are attacking his country and portfolio.]

The debt limit negotiations are like a gunfight with someone pointing a gun at his own head.

It is not enough that the Republicans want to slash Medicare and Social Security. This week they decide to gut 401(k) plans and pension funds by driving the stock market to one of its worst weeks in years? Apparently the idea of retirement offends them? 

It is so odd that Republicans have the reputation as capitalist. In fact, under Republican presidents the stock market has fared poorly; curiously, if you invested in the stock market only when a Democrat was president, you'd get 5X the return that you'd get when a Republican was president. Now, the Republicans essentially seize control of the economy for a week and the stock market quickly tanks - falling 4% in a single week. So, I guess it is safe to say that Republicans hate old people AND capitalism? 


Anonymous said...

I had too much to say for a comment, so it's up as a post over here: http://livingnextdoortoalice.blogspot.com/2011/07/microcosm.html

dmorey said...

Ron, you need to balance your blog with stupid comments from the wild left:

What was the more likely cause of the Oklahoma City bombing: talk radio or Bill Clinton and Janet Reno's hands-on management of Waco, the Branch Davidian compound?...Obviously, the answer is talk radio. Specifically Rush Limbaugh's hate radio....Frankly, Rush, you have that blood on your hands now and you have had it for 15 years."
— MSNBC's Keith Olbermann naming Rush Limbaugh the "Worst Person in the World," April 19, 2010 Countdown.

I am not a Rush fan but I blame Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Michael and Lori Fortier as the most likely cause.