18 July 2012

Birthers in Support of Obama

Presidential biographer David Maraniss is a tad incredulous at the birther conspiracy theorists claiming that Obama was born overseas. At the time that Obama was born, his father was being closely followed by INS who were considering deporting him back to Kenya. Because of this, there are actually official government documents verifying that Barack's parents were both in Hawaii when he was born. More than the birth certificate, that is.

Still, that story is not nearly as interesting as the claim of a sheriff with his own posse. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is using his considerable authority to denounce the president's birth certificate as fake.

Oddly, I prefer Sheiff Joe's story to Maraniss's story. It takes a clever man to fake his own death; it would take real genius to fake your own birth. The thought that our president is clever enough to do that actually consoles me.

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