22 July 2012

The Cold Comfort of Conspiracy Theories

Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

Mike Adams, author of the above piece, goes on to argue that it made no sense that James Holmes surrendered (it made sense that he shot dozens of people?), that a grad student could not afford a $1,000 assault rifle (and so obviously a $1,500 laptop is definitely out of the question for any grad student), and that the bobby-trapped apartment showed signs of sophistication and planning beyond the scope of a grad student majoring in neuroscience. The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that the FBI brainwashed him and sent off to accomplish this mission.

Conspiracy theories seem inevitably convoluted, fly in the face of simpler theories, almost inevitably ignore facts and require the construction of hidden "facts." It's easy to laugh at conspiracy theories but they serve a purpose. 

Conspiracy theories assure us that the world is not subject to random events, that in fact things happen for a reason. And while conspiracies suggest that evil forces shape events, they at least assure us that someone is shaping events. 

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