29 October 2015

CNBC & the GOP - The Press Loses Debate

The Republicans in Wednesday's debate turned on the moderators, largely refusing to answer any question they found uncomfortable. Their disdain for the media was applauded by an obviously partisan audience who seemed to see the moderators' challenges as proof that "the liberal media" was biased against their candidates.

The clearest evidence that you're operating in a developed nation is the relationship between the media and government. In less developed countries with more oppressive governments, the media is cowed into submission, forced to simply echo government positions or risk bullying, arrest, or even death. In more developed, more open governments, politicians are forced to account for their decisions and actions to a media that keeps the polity informed and holds politicians accountable.

GOP candidates showed no interest in being held accountable for explaining their policies, responsible to explain numbers that didn't add up or policies that clashed with earlier statements or reality.

If they get away with it during campaigning, no one can act surprised when they are elected if they put in place an opaque administration that refuses to answer the questions of a media that would dare to challenge them. If they're this outraged when interviewing for the job of commander in chief, think how imperial they'll act once they've landed the job. and have tanks behind them to fully intimidate those silly reporters.

More about why the Republicans were so intent to discredit the journalists here.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

It's a tried and true method, Denounce the Liberal Media and watch as they flop around and bend over backwards to prove their totally not liberal by attacking Democrats and invoking Both Sides Do It, while repeating the most absurb and base lies of the Right-Wing Fever Swamp.