05 October 2015

Mass Killing - What if it Has Nothing To Do With Mental Health?

If we legalized bombs and every time a crazy person detonated a bomb it killed 200 people, we wouldn't say that we've never had more problems with mental health.

If we legalized atomic bombs and every time a crazy person detonated an atomic bomb it killed a million people in a city, we wouldn't say that we have unprecedented levels of mental health problems.

If "More than half of the mass killers of the last 30 years possessed assault weapons or high- capacity magazines, [that] allow a gun to fire without the need to reload, maximizing damage, increasing body count and minimizing risk to the shooter," we might not have any more health problems than we had half a century ago. 

If mass killers can double the number of victims even if we could reduce the number of mass killers by half, maybe it is time to give some consideration to the technology we include under the umbrella of right to bear arms.

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