21 June 2016

Silicon Valley Passes the Hat to Buy Trump a MacBook

Apple has decided not to donate any money to this year's GOP convention. They join Wells Fargo as past donors (in 2012, Wells Fargo gave $500,000) now withholding support for the Trump Show in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, a fan set a new record on StubHub by paying $99,000 for two tickets to Game 7 of the NBA Finals, a small reminder that there is a lot of money in the Bay Area.

By contrast, through April, a grand total of 7 self-identified Bay Area tech workers have donated just $1,020 to Trump's campaign, a tad less than the $1.6 million donated to Clinton's campaign by 766 tech workers and about what a MacBook would cost.

25% of companies in the Valley have been founded or co-founded by immigrants and Silicon Valley depends on a international network of suppliers and consumers. So maybe it's being against immigrants or free trade that has earned him the antipathy of Silicon Valley. Or maybe it's just because Trump says stuff that would have made even Jerry Garcia curious about what he's on.

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