30 June 2016

Trump's Bold Move to Win the Female Vote

The Trump campaign is having trouble finding reputable Republicans to speak at the convention. Quite a number have indicated that they'll be working or on vacation but certainly too busy for something as inconsequential as the Republican Convention.

So, the campaign let reporters know that they are going to have some celebrities speak on Trump's behalf. A couple of names released were Mike Ditka - former NFL player and coach - and boxer Mike Tyson.
Ditka told reporters that Trump had asked him but he said no. He is a fan but he's also 81 and speaking is not really his thing. Apparently, the Trump campaign hadn't thought to ask Ditka about speaking before telling reporters.

Anyway,that still leaves Tyson to speak on his behalf. Adding a convicted rapist's endorsement to Putin's, David Duke's, and Kim Jong-un's should help Trump's poll numbers with women. 

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