23 March 2020

A Preview of What Alternative Energy Could Mean for the Health of our Planet

Per the Economist, by the 21st of March in most cities trips planned had dropped by 70 to 90%. People are traveling and polluting less - about 10 to 30% of what they normally would.

We are going to get such great data on what a difference dramatic drops in pollution levels make from this crisis as we all enjoy bluer skies and - in the face of a respiratory epidemic - actual decreases in asthma-related cases. (*Note - Ron is not a medical expert. He's just speculating on this point. Obviously rises in COVID-19 cases would dwarf drops in asthma due to drops in pollution. But if you can avoid the virus AND enjoy less pollution ...?)

In the mid 1800s, we slaughtered whales for oil to use on machinery in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. By 1900 we were using petroleum oil, a huge improvement. And now we're about to make another great improvement. a move to alternative energy. That can be accelerated with broader public support.

This trial period might help to raise that support by providing us a taste of what is possible, a preview of coming attractions.

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