14 May 2020

Fear of Mexicans and Millionaires, or Immigrants and Billionaires Will Stop Defining American Politics

The 2018 and 2020 elections represent a return to normal politics.

After the Great Recession, we had Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. Occupy became the Sanders supporters. The Tea Party became the Trump supporters. They got all the press attention and assumed that they had all the voters. They didn't. They don't.

The average American is not afraid of Mexicans or millionaires, or immigrants and billionaires, and know that there isn't a single example of a prosperous economy that wasn't created by and didn't create both. (Show me an economy without any rich people or without any immigrants and I'll show you a really lousy economy.)

So in 2018 we did - and in 2020 we will - hear from the majority of Americans who are happy to have rich people (on top of everything else they do, they can help with all the taxes we have pay) and immigrants (they can help us to increase supply and demand, helping natives to start and work in businesses and buying the many products and services these businesses generate).

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