08 February 2008

The Inherent Contradiction of Mitt Romney's Campaign

The pundits are speculating about why Romney's bid for the presidency failed.

Romney's natural base would have been business conservatives, given his background. But he lost the support of business conservatives because of his emphasis on religion and then lost the support of religious conservatives because of his religion. Personally, I don't think that Romney being Morman would have mattered except that he ran a campaign emphasizing religion.

You can't tell voters that religion matters and then tell them that your religion doesn't matter. His failed bid might have been just that simple.


cce said...

I haven't followed the Rep. side of this thing that closely but I did hear the folks on NPR saying that McCain practically went out and campaigned for Huckabee knowing that Huckabee would dilute Romney in some states. Clever chess move and one that seems to have paid of if there's any truth to the tale.

Damon said...

so, i imagine it being McCain vs. Obama.


I'd rather vote for a living, breathing human-sized foot.

Life Hiker said...

Religion does matter. It matters because it affects personal conduct. And that's the only sense in which it should become involved in the political debate.

None of us can see into the mind of another person, but we can all evaluate the outward conduct of another. We can see the "fruits" of that person's religion.

Romney was a fool for getting caught in the trap of religious discussion. He should have said, "Look at my public record. My actions were influenced to some degree by my faith. I will still be the same person if I'm elected, and you will get more of the same. That's why I think you will vote for me."

I cross off a candidate's name if they focus on religion in a general sense. Actions are all that count. This attitude is called the "Jimmny Swaggart Rule".

Anonymous said...

I think you're exactly right on this one.

I didn't oppose him because of his religion or his stances on business and the war in Iraq, though. I just didn't want a president who looks like Ted Danson.

Ron Davison said...

I had heard that the rest of the GOP candidates were, uhm, not fans of Mitt. Rumor has it that they saw his policy shifting as bad form.

If the Dems win in Nov, I suspect it'll be in no small part attributeable to sentiments like yours. Sad to think that conservatives are less repulsed by Bush than McCain, tho.

I like it. (The rule, that is.)

Your comment provoked guffaws on this end. Thanks.