13 February 2008

New Banner!

I now have a visual presence on the web and I owe it to an unexpected, unsolicited, and extraordinary act of generosity on the part of Gypsy at Heart. If you are half as impressed with this new banner as I am, you may now be twice as impressed with my blog.

Gypsy's writing at The Leaping Thought blog makes it clear that some version of the whole world goes into each child; as she writes about her son, we're reminded by eclectic music videos, cultural references and opinions about the larger world that a mother is a child's cultural umbilical cord, working to filter out the toxic and pass along what nurtures. A child first sees the world through a mother's eyes.

Soy tan agradecido. Muchas gracias Gypsy.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The new banner is most impressive, Ron.

Ron Davison said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence Nick.

HRH said...

Fancy! And cool.