29 April 2008

eNergy & eNvironmental iSsues

Venture capitalists are funding activity again. I've noticed that they still like words like eMail, ePets, and eEeek! (on-line horror) - any brand names that begin with a small case e to indicate their electronic nature. Meanwhile, we still need investments in environment and energy. My modest proposal for today? We rename those issues. I think that we should call them eNvironment and eNergy issues from now on. So named, I don't see how they could fail to attract huge investment sums.


LSD said...

You're a geNious!

HRH said...

where do I send my eNORMOUS amount of money.

Ron Davison said...

you eXaggerate.

I have yet to work out the details on that. I'm more of an iDea guy.