15 April 2008

Pope's Visit

I read in the paper that the pope spoke out against war. That's news? Really? That is surprising enough that it needs to be reported? I'll tell you what would be news: "pope loses church in all night poker game." Now that would be news.

(And I wish I could remember which stand up comedian to credit for that. It was too many years ago. Also, if you want to make your own church sign, go to church sign generator.)


Anonymous said...

He spoke out against the war, but there are no consequences for Catholics who participate in it.

That means he considers waging war to be somewhat less sinful than abortion, divorce, or being gay.

Jennifer H said...

If the pope played poker (and how do we know he doesn't), would he issue an edict to rename the game poper?

Yeah, I know. I'll go away now.

Ron Davison said...

You are right. (I'm supposed to say something other than excellent point, aren't I?)

jennifer h,
that was a horrible pun. Now why did it strike me as so amusing?

cce said...

Why am I so amazed by the existence of a website devoted to tailor made church signs? Does anyone else see this as a sign that the evolution of the internet, the website, the blog, is in the final stages. I can hear the ominous rumbling of The Rapture. For some this event is welcome and wonderful, but I'm quite sure I'll be left here blogging for an audience comprised of one other fool relegated to the hell of listening to me rant on about feelings and home improvements and how sad I am that tennis just isn't the same now that all the opponents have been swept on up to Heaven.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Cce: You are not the only one amazed. Neither am I surprised that Ron actually FOUND a site that generates church signs. Pretty soon (if not already) someone will start selling indulgences over the net and from then on, all is fair and forgiven depending on how much money we have to make it so. Oh wait... that last bit doesn't count. It's been going on forever.

Ron Davison said...

Am I supposed to laugh? Because a part of me thinks that I probably shouldn't laugh at someone who thinks that her writing would comprise someone else's hell. But the idea is funny.

All that you said is true - but the heaven you get to occupy is only virtual, as befits the rest of it. And the notion of something to do with eternity "going on forever" makes perfect sense.

WHAK'd said...

World's largest collection of sign generators @ www.CustomSignGenerator.com :)