17 September 2008

A Day of Excess

Today is my birthday. I was thinking about keeping a low profile in the hopes that the gods of aging will miss the house and fly over, leaving me un-aged. But birthdays are for excess. Eating and drinking to excess sounds tedious to me, and exercising or dancing to excess sounds dangerous. So, I decided instead to post to excess this morning.

My first day of blogging, I made 9 posts. The next, 7. My daughter rightfully declared that ridiculous and since I have actually tried to rein in my propensity to post. Today, though, given it is my birthday, I decided not to hide the idearhea. Enjoy.


LSD said...

I can only imagine that Sandi has agreed to look the other way as you fill the bathtub with pudding...

But that's ok.

(Good grief man, you even indulged a post on Spitzer!)

-But that's ok.

Big Al said...


Happy Anniversary of your birth day! And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for NOT including a pic of you in your birth day suit. We all know those hospital gowns just don't entirely cover the backside.

Ron Davison said...

but we could use Spitzer about now.

I was not born modest - there was no hospital gown.