16 September 2008

I Am Gonna Make It Through This Year

Tomorrow is my birthday. My daughter made me a mix that includes this song. The line, "I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me," rather ominously caught my attention. I might be inclined to make it mean less if it were not on a mix for my birthday.

Really, though, I am just glad that this is a blog and not a novel, where such a line would suggest foreshadowing (just one of the many advantages of being a nonfiction character, I suppose). Meanwhile, you get to hear the kind of music you would be listening to if you had a daughter still hip to the jive and able to update you on the bands with an edge. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

In the same vein, Warren Zevon had an album titled "Life'll Kill Ya."

Happy Birthday!

Big Al said...

Now you have me thinking about Monty Python's "Meaning of Life".

Thanks, Ron! And Happy Birthday, too.

Dave said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday

cehcsa said...

Sppodesly tihs cn be raed by msot.

Hpapy Btirhady Rcn.
Hpoe yqu cn raed tihs.

Ron Davison said...

I'm more open to the vague possibility of life - in some future, unspecified year - killing me than I am about this year doing offing me.

Allen (note subdued greeting)
I have not read the English philosopher Monty Python's Meaning of Life. Perhaps, in my quest to take life more seriously, I should do that this year.

Dave and Emily.
Thank you for stopping by to help blow out the candles.

Thanks a lot for reminding me that I've reached the age for redaing galoshes. (Did I do that right?) As much as I squinted, I could not make sense of your comment.

Gypsy at Heart said...

A spot of bad weather thought to delay me but not even a hurricane could keep me away, and so here you find me only a few minutes into your special day wishing you a long life, continued happiness and a blogging Ron thay i might continue to read everyday. Feliz Cumpleanos!

Anonymous said...

This year, try going around the sun instead of through it. Happy Birthday! I am so glad you were born.
I love you,

LSD said...

Well, if you started counting at the beginning, than it appears that you have now officially made it through the year.

Congratulations cousin!

I promise that I will never again throw a pine cone at you.

Hopefully this declaration of détente contributes to a more relaxed and productive year to come.

Ron Davison said...

Happy birthday yourself! And suddenly I feel so inept at scheduling truly remarkable events for commemorating a birthday; I've never been bold enough to schedule a hurricane and recovery effort for mine.

Thank you for the advice and the love and the remarkable patience. Love, that old guy you hang out with.

Thank you! Thank you!

I think that I may have finally reached that precarious pinnacle of age when I am old enough to have gained wisdom and insight and yet not so old as to have begun to suffer from the erosion of cognitive ability that comes with age. In fact, I expect this great moment of insight between 4:55 and 5:05 today, after which I’ll again return to normal. If you have any big questions, you may want to try calling during that time.

And the détente is accepted. I suspect it’ll be boring, no longer wandering around wondering whether, at any moment, I might not get pelted in the back of the head by a pine cone, but I think I’ve reached an age when I should begin worrying about other things instead.

LSD said...

I am no longer a Kato to your Clouseau...

-At least you won't have to don those protective goggles everytime you venture out.

About your moment of great insight; I think you ought to ignore the phone and email.

And with regard to the other things you should be worrying about; I have yet to hear any declarations of any sort coming from Curt.

Ron Davison said...

Curt! My blood pressure just begins to lower and you mention Curt!
And by the way - no need to call or write at 5 today. I talked again to my astrologer who claims there was some mix up with charts. It turns out that my peak of insight was actually back in 1994 and now I can't even remember what that insight was. Sigh. The only thing worse than being past your peak is not having realized at the time that it was your peak.

the brunt of all your jokes said...

Speaking of peaks, I didn't recognize the picture on your blog. To think that you and the young grandpa in Montana are a year older somewhat makes me feel older, but not as old as others.
Regarding your blood pressure, I'm the one who wakes up in the night screaming, "Don't punch me any more!! I don't care how funny it looks!! Please...go find Marv!!"
Happy belated birthday. I hate to admit I can still find things in my life that are a result of your influence.

Ron Davison said...

You came by for cake! I do have to admit, though, that my excitement about having you visit was mitigated by my initial confusion. Seeing "the brunt of all your jokes" I was pretty sure that George Bush had finally swung by for some instruction from the little people. Alas. It turns out to have been just another one of us little people, the pacifist Curt.
Thanks for swinging by.

the blunt of all your jokes said...

The cake is great (Thanks Sandi!) George Bush has yet to receive the number of "hits" that I've absorbed (and yet I come back for more...) Good luck with your new age and enjoy parking in the blue square.

Sandra said...

I want cake!!!! How come I didn't get any?!?!?!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Ron!! I feel like Scott, I didn't recongnise that picture either. My young cousin can't be that old!!

BTW, isn't a blunt some kind of a pot cigarrette??


Ron Davison said...

Blunt Curt,
the cake is actually courtesy of DZ's. I think you come back for more because you know that your character is not yet fully formed.

Good of you to stop by. The cake? Yeah, well, the cake was taken in to the teacher's lounge today. I thought it would look better on them. And I mentioned to Sandi that you and Curt did not even recognize me in this picture and she (the woman who sees me often) said, "I don't recognize you in that picture. It doesn't look like you." I am going to make that mean that I do not look that old.
And are you calling Curt a pothead? I will not have my blog become a forum for libel and slander. You have to make accusations like that via email.